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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 26, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> there are new goes about pedestrian safety in san jose after a deadly 48 hours. three people died after being hit by cars. the youngest victim was killed on sunday and he was only three. a woman and a teen were also fatally struck. the teen in front of a high school. that is where our reporter joints us. matt? >> yes, sad thanksgiving week, with counselors on campus today meeting with students after one of their classmates was hit and killed by a car right in front of the school. today is the last day of class
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at high school in east san jose before thanksgiving vacation. rather than celebrating for the holidays, many students are mourning the death of their 15-year-old classmate. >> you are experiencing that loss in place without used to the student so there are physical reminders of the student being gone. >> the 10th grader was hit on sunday night after leashing her boyfriend. she was taken to the hospital where she died. her parents had a message. >> necessity said, we would benefit from their thoughts and prayers but, also, be careful. >> the student's death was the second of three pedestrian deaths in less than 48 hours in san jose, starting on sunday afternoon. the three year old was pushed in a stroller by a 13-year-old family friend with his five-year-old sister and hit by a pickup truck in the crosswalk. the driver failed to yield and the two girls had minor injuries and the boy died at the
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hospital. >> he was monday hair, blue eyed, smartest little three-year-old i ever met in my whole life. i never seen a flee-year-old so smart. >> the death was last night on this stretch. a 50-year-old woman was hit and killed crossing just before 11:00, the 24th pedestrian death in san jose in 2013 an eight year high. >> it is high. we are concerned. we are asking drivers to drive cautiously and, also, pedestrians, when you cross the street to use caution. >> the drives stayed at the scene and police say drug or alcohol was not a factor any of the cases. officers will still have to investigate to determine if any charge will be filed. >> new this morning, five members of the san francisco fire department face possible suspension after a june accident involving a suspected drunk firefighter. the firefighter is accused of hitting a motorcyclist with a ladder truck near 5th and
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howard and taking off. video obligated by abc7 shows the truck blowing out through a red light and hitting the motorcyclist. two assistant chiefs and a battalion could be suspended for their actions after the crash the fire department is investigating whether other firefighters tried to help the accused firefighter avoid a d.u.i. arrest. >> from oakland, police are asking for witnesses to come forward to help them solve a shooting that wounded seven men at a barbecue and birthday party. amy hollyfield is in oakland with more on that story. amie? >> police have not made any arrests and they think they will need the public's help on this. a city council member we spoke with this morning says that this has got to stop. oakland police say at least two men walked up to a birthday party barbecue at 96 and olive just after 6:00 and started shooting. seven people were shot.
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>> currently, six of the victims are in stable condition. one victim still remains in critical but stable condition. >> investigators say the victims are all men ranging in age from 23 to 31 years. they do nut necessity if they were all guests but they are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> we know a majority of the victims were attending the party and were trying to put the piece s together if any individual bystanders could have been struck. >> a city councilwoman who is the chairperson is outraged but not surprised and insists the city could and should do more to fight crime. >> we need to implement every measure necessary, whether stop and frisk to get the folks off the street and the guns out of their cars. at the same time, if i need to which you more highway patrol or more sheriffs and more police, that is what i have to do. >> the city council member
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points out that kids are going to be on the streets because of the holidays and is concerned it is not safe. his relatives visiting from arizona for thanksgiving are also nervous. >> you should hear the remark they make. we are out of of control. people clearly recognize that we are living in an area that is not safe. >> we asked police if it was gang related and they are hooking into that possibility but they say though do not know. >> thank you. an airline industry trade group says this thanksgiving holiday will probably see the most air travelers since 2010 but it remains to be seen whether everyone will get where they are going. snow and ice are in the forecast for the knows the next few days. our news reporter has more from washington. >> the holiday freeze is on. >> the winter storm now is barreling up the east coast
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bringing in a nasty mix of rain, snow and ice. slick roads now are a factor in a dozen deaths across the country. in central arkansas, a woman was killed in a head-on crash when she lost control of the car. from georgia to virginia a soggy slog on the highways. into pennsylvania and new york, though, crews are preparing for snow. >> aaa says 90 percent of travelers this week will drive and nearly 39 million will drive 50 miles are on more. at the busiest airports, the flying public face a travel nightmare. >> the freezing rain and wind make for icy planes and longer lines on the already congested runways. you can track the misery on a website with the greatest pain foment in atlanta, washington, dc, and new york. then there is the cold. >> i try to bundle up. a bitter winter blast.
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from florida to wisconsin and maine the frigid and french rouse conditions causing a rush to stock up at the grocery store. >> not much left of the milk. pumpkin pie and whipped cream is gone. i need that. winter weather advisories are out in 13 states including the capitol but the storm will be long gone by thanksgiving day. >> we will find out more about that with our meteorologist looking at the travel forecast. >> anyone headed east should pack for winter. >> absolutely. and for rain in the south if you are headed that way where we are seeing on live doppler 7 hd the greatest amount of rain. we have had tornadoes in florida early this morning, severe weather is still possible there, and this system is creeping to the north it has a lot of snow but it is changing over to rain as it pulls in the warmer air from the south and also from the east. this is how it looks tomorrow: the tricky travel is from charlotte up to maine and that
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includes boston, philadelphia, new york, washington, dc, and baltimore. and only 31 in st. louis. at home, if you are traveling anywhere tomorrow, we will have 60's until you get to fresno at 70 and low-to-mid 70's to the south and snow showers are possible in tahoe for thanksgiving. traveling, though, is not a big issue. >> president obama is wrapping up a west coast tour at dreams works. the president arrived in los angeles last night and went to a fundraiser at beverly hills home of magic johnson where gusts paid $15,000 each for tickets and mingled with stars hike samuel l. jackson and left san francisco after make three stops including in chinatown.
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>> still ahead, the supreme court weighs into a fight over religion and birth control. >> story you see only on abc7, a couple who survived asiana flight 214 opens up to me about their horrific ordeal on the tarmac at fog and how they are coping now five months later. >> toys to avoid just released we on a
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the supreme court agreed to take up another provision of obamacare, birth birth control. obamacare mandates insurance cover protective services such as birth control at no cost to the employee. a laugh is willing to provide standard contraceptives but not the morning after pills. that pill may not work for women over a certain weight. researchers found the french investigation of the drug begins to lose effectiveness in women who weigh more than 165 pounds and is ineffective in women over 176 pounds. it is identical to america's plan "b" one step which the food and drug administration is reviewing to determine if labeling changes are warranted. >> couple who survived the asiana flight 214 has just returned home to china and for
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the first time on tv, they sharing the ordeal in the five months since the crash. the couple flew back to shanghai last week after recovering from an ankle fracture and a severe head energy that requires her skull to be removed if three months. they shared videos and pictures they took from the tarmac as the disaster unfolded explaining how show was trapped and saved and how he rescued a young lady pinned under a collapsed overhead compartment. we translated the statements. >> i took off the panel and shouted "go, go, go." they say they will likely never again be able to purr their biggest passion in my exclusive interview along with how their lives have changed and a new development regarding her recovery. police tune in for my report tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> mike nicco has the forecast.
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>> we are on the roof and looking out over oakland where we can see it better today than yesterday with the haze still out there and so is the "spare the air" so no wood burning today and we will talk about the chance for rain narrowed to a small window on thanksgiving and i will show you the best area for that and what to expect if you are traveling or shopping friday, saturday, and sunday. >> plus, do you think the bottom line open break friday receipt is worth bragging about? it may not be the real deal. britain harry says his brother is jealous about his trip
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♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ it's black friday
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♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> call it the nightmare before christmas, new word that the black friday deals that have eager shoppers sleeping outside are actually no big deal after all. our reporter is in the newsroom to explain. katie? >> the "wall street journal" says that black friday deals are nothing more then theater, the discount is figured into the pricing, make no mistake, the stores are still making money. >> once upon a time black friday was the only game if town for door buster holiday deals but now the sales start on thanksgiving in stores and online. it is changing. retailers are making it much more convenient for the consumer to shop in the way that works boast for them. >> convenient but a true deal? maybe not. the "wall street journal" calls black friday a carefully engineered allusion. analysts say big retailers work backwards with suppliers and
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markup the original rice so after deep discounts they get the profit margins they want. it appears bargain hunters are not sweating it out. 97 million shoppers are expected to make purchases and in an attempt to be trendy, half of all retailers will offer a deal on thursday. that is pushed mostly by one particular generation. >> young adults have been the ones leading the way for this thanksgiving night shopping tradition, it is easier for people this age to ditch the dishes. >> 35 million people shopped thanksgiving last year either in stores or online. >> we want to know what you think: shopping on thanksgiving, okay or for way? let us know your thoughts on our facebook page and join the conversation. eight out of ten retailers say their boast website specials are for cyber monday, december 2nd
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>> thank you, katie. a consumer group is out with their list of toys that parents will not want to fight for on black friday. the california public interest research group just released their annual list, the 28th annual trouble in toy land aimed at making parents aware of potentially dangerous toys. the list includes the chat and count smartphone that could be harmful to ears that sells for $18. they put the captain america soft shield in a toxic chemicals category for sale at toys 'r us for $9. the princess wand is a choking hazard at dollar tree. >> all right. good to know. we have britain's fun loving prince to talk about and the weather so take your pick. what do you want first? >> i will go with mike first. >> fun loving mike. >> physical abuse?
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never. never. verbal? maybe. still oning and the sun is very high in the sky right now. over the exploritorium, the kids are out of school and still learning so it is great to see. feeling festive in join spencer christian and the mayor at 6:30 but if you are headed there it will be 60 and drop down to 56. dress warmly and find something hot to enjoy while you are seeing the festivities on market street. radar and satellite over the last three hours, you can see we still have a nice mild southern wind bringing in high level clouds that give us the filtered sunshine with temperatures the same if not warmer than this time yesterday. we have mid-50's to 60 in livermore and los gatos and 61 at oakland and 56 in san jose and 57 in san francisco and
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mountain view and napa at 55 degrees. downtown san jose this is the backdrop and what will happen: we will have hazy sunshine again, poor air quality is a possible, and thicker clouds and not so cool as we get insulated by the clouds and the best chance of showers is thanksgiving. check out the north bay from sutro tower where the poor of the air quality is possible today. that is why we have a "spare the air" day with all of us under the burning ban unless you want to pay $100 or take a class and if you are caught twice, $500. why risk it low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods from 61 in san francisco and 65 in san jose, fremont, palo alto and san rafael and 64 in livermore and morgan hill to 66. and we will have 63 in santa rosa. the lows are low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's to the bay and the coast and possibly 50 in san francisco. now, here is what is happening. high pressure has been dominating our weather and it is shoved to the east by the first
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area of low pressure and the traying cold front and that will keep funneling in the high clouds and mid-level clouds and that opens the door for the next system. tomorrow morning, no worries, tomorrow evening, headed out, no worries. up and down the state. now, thursday morning at 7:00 you can see the rain is developing around monterey and carmel and by noon it is moving into the south bay and it moves up to about san francisco and oakland and falls apart during the evening hours, less than .1" is possible. cool of the day is thanksgiving in the upper 50's to low 60's and the seven-day forecast shows low-to-mid 60's everywhere with plenty of sunshine and probably will not need a coat or umbrella so have fun shopping or if you are traveling be safe and no threat of fog the next few days in the central valley. have a good one. promise worth the wait if britain's fun loving prince harry could continue the trip to the south pole after being
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delayed by bad weather. this is video from harry and his team getting a final briefing arrived in antarctica to take part if a 300 mile, two week trek navigating the harshest conditions at minus 49. he is trying to reassure prince charles who is worried and said yesterday, older brother prince william is jealous. >> he is jealous. >> maybe not, tonight the duke will be hanging out with stars like john bon jovi and taylor swift. two very different lives. >> that is called the fashionable brother dig at your older brother. >> let it snow -- in san francisco? where you can find real snow the next couple of days
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coming up at 4:00, protecting yourself during the crazy holiday shopping time with tips a bay area police department has to avoid being a victim at the store and online. >> at 5:00, cold case, solved, a murder outside a bay area park and the family finally learned what happened to their loved one after 20 years. the people arrested are a real shocker. >> the season for reindeer games here in san francisco. we will change things out, where two reindeer at the academy california of sciences enjoying 20,000 pounds of ice turned into snow at the golden gate park. >> have a great day,
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